More Faux I-frames

I've been dallying just a little bit more with our faux i-frames in order to show you some quickie examples of using an image on the side, instead of a repeating pattern, then the same idea expanded to fill the horizontal space, and, finally, this same stretched layout with a pattern on the background.

The pattern I used there is from a new group of bloggrounds; I've added three new pages (now over 800 bloggrounds!), and you'll find this group on the last page - very handy for colorizing.

Looking for something to while away a little of your Saturday? You could go view a whole bunch of cool Flash animations from Russian artists. My favorite so far is "Los dias sin dias" from Scary Dolls. And I've been having a great time checking out Little Dead Gyrl's Shelter for Misfit Dolls (linked from Scary Dolls); don't miss the paper dolls and the links, and, well... just everything.

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Here's a kind of fun "spirographical" pattern in black and white, and here is a fast little, simple layout example in the form of a reduced-size .gif.

I adored my spirograph when I was a kid, so I went looking for some online versions of the game and came up with quite a few. My favorite is a Flash version from Myers Design because it offers a nice, clear image in case you want to make a screen shot, plus it allows you to choose your own hexadecimal color, switch the background from black to white, and adjust other parameters, including line size. I also really enjoyed the spirograph demo in the very fun "Flash Bestiary" from "krazydad". If you are a bit of a spiro-nut, keep walking this way, and check out these different Java spirograph applets: one with many parameters, that you are free to use on your site if you'd like (from the creator of the Internet Anagram Server); another nice one that gives lots of explanation and also allows you to download the applet; and this one that also has a fun "random" button for hypno-clicky goodness.

Also go marvel at this teeny-tiny (1167 bytes) spirograph pattern generator from a past 5K contest entry (description here), and visit SpiroRama for a software spirograph you can download to use on your computer (or just have fun looking at some screenshots). You may also want to take a peek at this example of actual artwork created using spirograph, and finally, just in case you ever wondered if you really are going around in circles all the time, take the "What childhood toy from the 80s are you?" quiz to see if you qualify as a Spirograph!

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Ujiko Search

Interesting: the new Ujiko search engine with filters, including the ability to create self-defined filters and modify existing ones (found via Andrew Cooke's "Compute" mailing list / John Battelle's Searchblog ). I've spent about 20 minutes with this, so here are some quick and shallow observations: Good: you are probably going to find some different results from this than the you will with the usual suspects; filtering is fun!; a contextual list of related terms on the right allows you to focus your search. Exceedingly strange: Flash interface? Huh? If you forget and hit the "back" button, you are returned to the opening page and have to start all over again, and you can't see the web address of a selection in the status bar of your browser when you mouseover a link, which can lead to clicking on undesirable file types. This is bad. Flash is just about the worst navigation I can imagine for a search engine. Also, no image search that I could find, and I'm not sure how, say, 5,000 results, are winnowed down to 20 selections. Still, as I said - interesting, though it won't be storming the Google castle walls in its current battle configuration. The "about" page is here.

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Videogrid? ...or S a t a n?

Well, this is great fun: Videogrid, one of the many mind-bending projects at Japanese Freeware, lets you create little random video clips by clicking inside a grid or typing on your keyboard. Kind of hard to explain, so just go do it. On my first try, just completely clicking grid squares at random, my video turned up lots of patterns punctuated by static, and the declaration "FREEWARE", which - yes - pretty much sums things up on this end. Could this be some sort of fancy-schmancy digital fortunetelling device? I called this one "it's all true", and you can load it (from the right menu) to see what I mean (until it gets overwritten, I assume). On my next try, "revolutionary", I typed in "c moon", and I just kind of liked the result, plus - look... there in the second frame, is that something like the edge of the bright full moon, or what? Is this thing magic?

PS: also check out Slow Mosaic, in which you enter a word and view a a slideshow of web images translated into black and white mosaic form. Again, very, very cool. (Yes, I did have to be a meta-mosaic wiseguy by entering the term "mosaic" in the mosaic generator. So sue me. Or, alternatively, cut me up into little pieces and put me back together again.)

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