Barking Mad

How do you like this gorgeous beast? If you find him as appealing as I do, you can visit a vast menagerie of cross-cultured creatures at Tedmus's Gallery, which I found via B3taPaper (the place to go when your eyes are bored and your desktop is taking itself way too seriously).

In other news, you know I couldn't just post such a calm and soothing group of patterns as yesterday's "Lullaby" without experiencing some withdrawal symptoms, so of course I had to sit down and immediately come up with something psychedelic-insane. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Sweet Alice. (Example box here.)

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It's a Beautiful World

Serendipity strikes again! I just made a new tile that I adore, and began thinking of nice ways to use it and it struck me that I would like to see it on a photo album layout... So I wandered over to one of my regular haunts, PD Photo, and went directly for the "Macro" section, where on the very first page I instantly found three images that look like they were custom-made to show off my idea. Here's the .gif example of my quickie photoshop layout of the concept.

I was so taken with the third photo I used on the layout example that I decided to play around with a desktop design using this one. My problem, though, is that I have a two-monitor setup, and I don't usually like the same image repeated on both monitors. So I put together something a little bit different in a size large enough to fit across both screens (1024 resolution); for any of you who happen to be using two monitors, I have saved a high-res jpg of this design here; to see a thumbnail, look here. To use it, make sure to select "tile" and not "stretch" or "center". This looks tres jazzy on my screens; when I have a window open on my primary (left side) screen but not on my second (right side) monitor, I see this on the right

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