I'm falling behind with my patterns - not the making of, but the posting of. Ah, well. Here are a couple I adore: Chrysanthemum Storm and Mandarin.; the beginning point for one was a bit of fabric with a chrysanthemum design from a kimono, and the other started with a photo of an actual chrysanthemum. Are you getting the smallest clue that I've been googling for chrysanthemums lately? If so, you would be right, and just look what I found - an adorable little Chrysanthemum leucanthemum just crying out to decorate somebody's web page... I could so design a blog around this image... Also see the great Mum stencil at Stencils with Style, and this great Hockney-esque "chrysanthemum packet" (by the same person who made these very cool handmade postcards).

There's also a fun vintage sheet music cover for Scott Joplin's "The Chrysanthemum - an Afro-Intermezzo" at the very nice covers page of the Repertoireliste Ragtime Society (fifth image on the first row). Plus, a lovely, dreamy mum image among the gorgeous flowers of Rob Allen, and chrysanthemums as seen by Chagall, Mondrian and Degas (mid-page) at the very wonderful "when Art imitates Life" site by the Meadowlark Botanical Garden. Also, some graceful mums among these Chinese ink drawings of the "four gracious plants" by Han Myoung-Hee, a variety of chrysanthemums scattered among the delicious botanical art of Cheyne Walk Limited and big beautiful images from the Missouri Botanical Garden Library’s rare book collection, an amazing fold-out origami chrysanthemum on this page about Origamic Architecture (bottom of page), a chrysanthemum mandala among this collection of "Earth Mandalas". And then there's William Morris's chrysanthemum patterns, of course. And don't even get me started on chrysanthemum fireworks. No. just don't. And so... To conclude this rather obsessive post, let me just leave you with one last poignantly eloquent image. The end.

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Pattern Effect on a Portrait

Via Grow A Brain, 26 pages of vintage postcards of "Japanese ladies and geishas" from Japanese Girl. I adore vintage portraiture.

Yesterday's moiré post inspired me to make another moiré-inspired tile, and the Japanese Girl site inspired me to experiment with using it to apply an effect to a portrait. You can see the results on this page. In case you are interested, here's exactly how I did it: First of all, I used the first, purplish tile - not the green tile (this will become clear later). In Photoshop, I saved the tile as a pattern (Edit: Define pattern - you'll need to change the mode of the .gif image to RGB first, under Image: Mode), then I created a new layer over the the photo and, using the paint bucket set to "pattern" I filled in the new layer with the repeating tile. Then I went to Layer: Layer style: Blending options, and selected "multiply". Then I used the eraser, in a large size and set to about 50% opacity, on the top layer to clear some of the pattern from the girl's face. Finally, I flattened the image (Layer: Flatten image) and flipped the color (Image: Adjustments: Hue/Saturation, + or - 180).

Flipping the color has nothing to do with the technique - I just wanted the lady's face more bluish and the pattern greenish.

Updated to say I went back to the pre-color-flip version and fiddled some more, this time using a lighting effect (spotlight) on it, and I think I like this moodier, less-formal one better...

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Crank it up

This is great: vintage engineering drawings at the Industrial Art Gallery (via MetaFilter). Lots of juicy schematics, and one very bizarre image.

If this cranks your shaft, then don't fail to check out the Industrial Revolution and Scientific Instruments images from's history section.

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