I love me.

Well yes, yet again I have to admit I love me (is that so wrong?). And these warm, warm feelings because I made this new pattern, which is quite simply wonderlicious. Here's a .gif of a page layout idea using the lighter version (though I think the darker is my favorite). In case you want the colors on that, the background of the text area is #DDDDCC; the border between the background area and the text area is #776677; the bottom bar is #666666; the main page heading is #886611; the section headling is #888888; the text is #777799, and the menu text links are #DDDDDD. I would probably use #889999 or #888899 as the background color behind the pattern.

For lots more page layout ideas and actual templates you can use (because not everybody is as lazy as I am), go dip into the delicious stuff at Kitty's Fullmoon Graphics, then have a look-see at all the fun things from Liz at Migraine Designs, a site I found via the kind and lovely Ethereal Code.

Update: You can have a look at that example page laid out in CSS by our dear headsfromspace here.

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