Justine Cooper | Saved by Science

via, gorgeous photography by Justine Cooper at Kayashya Hildegrand Gallery: Saved by Science, large-format photographs of selections from the vast scientific collections stored in the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Wow.

(Also, a note: We have two new OverAll pages, here and here. I especially like the last set, and especially the last tile of the last set. I have a beige/brown tint on these because I like the way it works with underlying color, but you can always desaturate to get rid of it.)

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Linky, linky, linky!

So sorry I've been missing, but I'm pretty busy these days. I did decide to take the opportunity of today's Blogliner, though, to link you up a bit. The challenge is to link to 10 sites, with the last letter in the title of the first site appearing as the first letter of the title in the next site (and so on). Here's my daisy chain:

  • Storyopolis - I think I've linked it before, but it's worth a second mention. A huge gallery of works by children's book illustrators, and what's not to love about that?
  • Surrogate - gorgeous, poignant photographs of everyday objects by Amy Kubes. Each one is like a small poem. (or, sometimes a limerick...)
  • Explore Art - from the Getty Institute. Just a nice little interface for browsing art by subject, type or artist; I like it because it's pretty tightly focused, so you don't get lost in the maze.
  • Thank You For the Smell of My Morning Coffee - a fantastic collection of iconic links from the ever-wonderful Cynthia. I love her.
  • Elegant Iron Doors - I'm including this because I love wrought iron, I love art doors, and I especially love this wrought iron art door with the fabulous trompe l’oeil on the entryway.
  • S.K. Josefberg Studio - this is just a great, great photo gallery. Sadly, it's now closed, but view the nice "Decade" collection linked to on the opening page, then go to "Exhibitions" to see works in the exhibition history. A wonderful collection.
  • Ozbird - one of my favorite things: original art tessellations. Can't get enough of that funky stuff.
  • Darryl Baird - I just can't remember if I've linked this artist before... Collage art; you know - that stuff I'm a great big sucker for? Love the "Aqueous Humor Series".
  • Digitile Digital Ceramic Tiles - I link this because I'm jealous! I want to do this. What can I say? Digital designs on ceramic tiles, wallpaper and flooring? Of course I think this is groovy!
  • Stop Motion Studies - I saved a really nice one for last: a series of 20 photo animations depicting real people in motion. Very, very cool.

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    Photo-Eye showcase

    Where does the time go? It would probably take me at least a couple of weeks of posting every day to catch up on all my backlog - and that's just the patterns... The fun bookmarks are whole 'nother story. Yet, still I continue to make more - and I love this new one so much I just had to go ahead and trot it out: my slightly eerie Sunday Garden, with an example layout .gif here, and a deliciously smoky, ashy version, Dark Sunday (and the .gif example).

    And to dig into that feast of bookmarks just a bit, snack on these yummy collage-style images by Darryl Baird at the fantastic Photo-Eye photographer showcase - a site that you can really sink your pointy little teeth into, you ravenous, raving linkmonster you.

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    Virtual Herbarium botanical

    Call me wacky, but I love paper mounted botanical specimens, and I really love being able to browse a database of same, as you can at the University of North Carolina's Botnet PlantSearch. If you don't have anything in particular to put into the search field, but still want to look around, begin wth "ListMajorGroups" and keep clicking the ol' buttons until you get to "ListTaxa", at which point you'll get a list with "group", "family", "genus", and "species" info, and the magic "view specimens" link. Play around a bit and you'll get the hang of it... or check out the more herbarium images link from the main page of the Virtual Herbarium.

    I made a very nice (and very tame!) tile based on this specimen of Chinaberry, and mocked it up into a pretty nice example web page layout. I really like this.

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    Sophia Tsibikaki and A Day in the Life

    Ooh! Quick, go see! The featured photographer for A Day in the Life this week is Sophia Tsibikaki from right here in Thessaloniki (Greece) and her photo for "Wednesday" was taken on the square where I live. Look at the second pillar, all the way up at the top of the frame. Do you see a very faint grey smudge (at the top of the building) in the triangular white-space to the right? That's actually my apartment! Hah!

    "A Day in the Life" is an interesting project in which different photographers from all over the world are invited to take a photo every day for seven days to be featured in the weekly gallery. You can find Sophia's web site, with more photos and other goodies (like PhotoShop brushes!), here. I found Day in the Life via Dirty Thermos, the site behind the wonderful Signs of Life project ("photographs of signs that transcend their objectivity to reveal our humanity" - completely addictive).

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    Pattern Effect on a Portrait

    Via Grow A Brain, 26 pages of vintage postcards of "Japanese ladies and geishas" from Japanese Girl. I adore vintage portraiture.

    Yesterday's moiré post inspired me to make another moiré-inspired tile, and the Japanese Girl site inspired me to experiment with using it to apply an effect to a portrait. You can see the results on this page. In case you are interested, here's exactly how I did it: First of all, I used the first, purplish tile - not the green tile (this will become clear later). In Photoshop, I saved the tile as a pattern (Edit: Define pattern - you'll need to change the mode of the .gif image to RGB first, under Image: Mode), then I created a new layer over the the photo and, using the paint bucket set to "pattern" I filled in the new layer with the repeating tile. Then I went to Layer: Layer style: Blending options, and selected "multiply". Then I used the eraser, in a large size and set to about 50% opacity, on the top layer to clear some of the pattern from the girl's face. Finally, I flattened the image (Layer: Flatten image) and flipped the color (Image: Adjustments: Hue/Saturation, + or - 180).

    Flipping the color has nothing to do with the technique - I just wanted the lady's face more bluish and the pattern greenish.

    Updated to say I went back to the pre-color-flip version and fiddled some more, this time using a lighting effect (spotlight) on it, and I think I like this moodier, less-formal one better...

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