Ambienta virtual interior palettes

How's your Spanish? A little rusty? Never mind; you can still play with Ambienta, a color toy for putting together interior palettes. Just plunge right in and make selections on the first few pages (you can pretty much make out what some of these are - and as for the rest, why not go ahead and live dangerously?!).

Eventually you will come to page where you select which room you want to color up, and then what style you want for the room. After this you will be on a page that shows your room; click "Aplicar color", and you will see three or four choices, which are "ceiling", "accents", "wall 1" and, usually, "wall 2". Choose one, then play with the color wheel and slider to select a color. When you click on the color square of your choice, the selected area of the room will be colored in. At the top of the picture, in the little grey bar, the first link takes you back to choose another room, the second link takes you back to choose another style, and the last link on the right erases your color selections from the room.

I love these things because they let me play with some pretty wild schemes, but I have to admit that so far I haven't been brave enough to actually follow through with any of the more daring ones - of course it helps if you actually have the fancy-pants furniture you see in the pictures, doesn't it? Here's a pretty nice bedroom I put together - if staring at a red ceiling as you're falling asleep doesn't scare the stuffing out of you!

I found Ambienta at the very nice, a web design and development blog that offers all sorts of news and tips, as well as a Site of the Week section. And for more fun with virtual housepainting don't forget the Behr coloring workbook, which also allows you to play with exterior schemes.

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