A Little Sunday BrainCandy

For some reason, I found myself making a whole pile of embarrassingly pink patterns the other day, and since today feels pretty pink to me, I thought I would just trot them out to celebrate. In fact, I made so many that I couldn't even fit them all on the page in a reasonable manner, so here's the outlier: a secret, hidden pink pattern, just in case Eight Is really not Enough, after all.

And since it is Sunday, I assume you have lots of projects and work to catch up with around the house: To avoid all that, go read my MetaFilter post on Scott Kim's fun BrainCandy games (and delicious Inversions) instead.

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Inspiration Gallery

Two new pattern sets up for your delectation today, "fleurbish", and "Mayor of Mobile" (never mind - I give up trying to figure out the reasons for my own titles...). I vote for "mayor" as an extra-fine little group - great for cross-pollination!

And now a link that should keep you busy for quite a while: The Inspiration Gallery has wonderful, wonderful tile patterns, a button maker, repeating borders, and a "web page color composer", but as much as I adore these things (and you know that I do), the site earns my eternal gratitude with its online "Jeopardy" game. I was obviously not thinking too clearly when I left the U.S., failing to realize that I was also leaving Alex Trebek. My old sorrow wakes and cries... But this helps!

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Here's a kind of fun "spirographical" pattern in black and white, and here is a fast little, simple layout example in the form of a reduced-size .gif.

I adored my spirograph when I was a kid, so I went looking for some online versions of the game and came up with quite a few. My favorite is a Flash version from Myers Design because it offers a nice, clear image in case you want to make a screen shot, plus it allows you to choose your own hexadecimal color, switch the background from black to white, and adjust other parameters, including line size. I also really enjoyed the spirograph demo in the very fun "Flash Bestiary" from "krazydad". If you are a bit of a spiro-nut, keep walking this way, and check out these different Java spirograph applets: one with many parameters, that you are free to use on your site if you'd like (from the creator of the Internet Anagram Server); another nice one that gives lots of explanation and also allows you to download the applet; and this one that also has a fun "random" button for hypno-clicky goodness.

Also go marvel at this teeny-tiny (1167 bytes) spirograph pattern generator from a past 5K contest entry (description here), and visit SpiroRama for a software spirograph you can download to use on your computer (or just have fun looking at some screenshots). You may also want to take a peek at this example of actual artwork created using spirograph, and finally, just in case you ever wondered if you really are going around in circles all the time, take the "What childhood toy from the 80s are you?" quiz to see if you qualify as a Spirograph!

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Some of you may remember from my old link to Castle Arcana that I really love wandering around crazy, creepy old houses. Well, here's a zinger: Nathalie Lawhead's BlueSuburbia, wonderful art and poetry all wrapped up in a surreal scavenger hunt. Can you find all the nooks and crannies?

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