"687 active fonts on this system"

Aha! Gotcha!!!

I'm always getting hopelessly lost when trying to find my way back to fontBROWSER, one of the most useful pages on the internet for FontHogs. This time I've posted it here, I've posted it at the LinkBlog, I've posted it at, and I've bookmarked it on my linkbar. Do I like this app. or what? *kissy-kissy-smooch-smooch*

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Line Dings are Fun!

Something brilliant, found at DaFONT: interconnecting "line dings" by Aenigma Fonts (Brian Kent). Each character will connect to any other to create decorative flourishes, and specific characters together will create symmetrical designs; you can see a couple of chains exampled at Brian's site, here, and I played around with a design for an imaginary book binding here. I completely adore this.

Lots more fun stuff to check out at Aenigma, too. And back at DaFONT, I'm also loving their big collection of retro fonts — especially, so far, Chocolate Box and Isadora. Note that DaFont allows you allows you to type in your own example text, by the way, so you can view font samples displaying the (short) text of your choice — very helpful when searching for just the right face for a specific logo or header (and lots of fun when playing with the line dings mentioned above). Also handy: if you see a font you like, you can click on the little plus sign next to the author's name see more offerings by that designer. Nice touches.

*by the way, you can pick up the tile I used on the book here.

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Sunshine... makes me happy...

Yo! I'm here, I'm here! I've been out the last couple of days enjoying the sunshine, and the "just-enough" breeze that's been keeping everything from melting down like a Dali landscape as it usually does around this time of year. I've also been surprised to see so many people around the city, since it's usually a ghost town for the month of August when everyone who can goes to the mountains or seaside. It must have to do with the Olympics, which will be beginning here (in Greece) in a few days; either people don't want to deal with all that extra tourism, or everything is too expensive to bother.

However, even though I haven't been here, I haven't been idle; I have sooo much stuff for you! First of all there's two new pages of bloggrounds, here and here, plus I have a nice set of "jade lotus" patterns, with an example box here. These designs came about after I was playing with one of the new green blogground tiles in this example box, and used the lotus image as an accent in the black bar. Then I thought, "well, why not make a pattern or two out of it?". If you are interested, you can find that font at the bottom of this page. And speaking of dingbat fonts, here's another nice type site with lots of ornamental and specialty fonts.

But wait, there's more! In the spirit of these sweet, white summer days, I also have sunny Carmelita, and if you don't like the patterns, well, you have to love the name, don't you? Here's your Carmelita example box. Don't you think that bottom accent pattern is precious? And you know what? Just because it's Thursday, and you're you (don't ever change!), I'll slide you this secret little pattern that I like a lot but which has just been sitting around gathering dust; I call it "pea hen" because it's not as flashy as a peacock, but has it's own understated charm.

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Synesthetic Bubble Gum Cards & Cowboy Rhumbahut

I always have the semi-serious feeling that there are ghosts and angels in my computer, because no matter what strange whimsy may overtake me, without looking for it I will come across a related something-something within a matter of hours, and if I've just acquired a brand new piece of information that has managed to evade me for four decades, I'll suddenly see five more references to that same formerly elusive bit of something within the next day. Well, today I had a somewhat similar experience: First I discovered Chank's free font archive, where I downloaded all the "twiggy" fonts, and then spent quite a few minutes contemplating the rather amazing Cowboy Rhumbahut. Then, several hours later (via quite a long and meandering path) I found myself at the home of an interesting experiment called Synesthetic Bubble Gum Cards (which I love, though I don't quite have it figured out yet), where something kept nagging me about the front page, until I realized... Yup. Cowboy Rhumbahut. Now just what are the chances of running into a Cowboy Rhumbahut twice in the same day?

PS: I've posted a new set of pretty sweet little patterns I'm calling "Lullaby".

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