Big-ass page o' clipart

Hey, cool! Look what I found lurking around the web - a great big grab-bag page of black and white clipart (load the page, go have a cup of coffee). Some pretty nice, some less so, mostly rather small images - but kind of sweet for doing small digital collage things, etc. For example, to see what I did with Mr. Moon, just walk this way:

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Inspiration Gallery

Two new pattern sets up for your delectation today, "fleurbish", and "Mayor of Mobile" (never mind - I give up trying to figure out the reasons for my own titles...). I vote for "mayor" as an extra-fine little group - great for cross-pollination!

And now a link that should keep you busy for quite a while: The Inspiration Gallery has wonderful, wonderful tile patterns, a button maker, repeating borders, and a "web page color composer", but as much as I adore these things (and you know that I do), the site earns my eternal gratitude with its online "Jeopardy" game. I was obviously not thinking too clearly when I left the U.S., failing to realize that I was also leaving Alex Trebek. My old sorrow wakes and cries... But this helps!

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Crank it up

This is great: vintage engineering drawings at the Industrial Art Gallery (via MetaFilter). Lots of juicy schematics, and one very bizarre image.

If this cranks your shaft, then don't fail to check out the Industrial Revolution and Scientific Instruments images from's history section.

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Easter Egg arts

And speaking of Easter eggs, I'd like to point out my old post from last year, with a great Pysanky Egg link, plus my simple instructions for making a digital Easter egg in Photoshop. If you are looking for a good egg to put on your page and don't feel like making one of your own (ouch!), this site has five pages of digital ova that you can download for personal use. I'm rather fond of the egg-man, myself. Also see the nice Easter clip art on this page from Dorling Kindersley's clip art section. For the real deal, here's a step-by-step guide for making your own Pysanky designs, and - for the kiddies - this page has nice tips for interesting egg tricks, including no-dye Easter eggs. That looks like fun.

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