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This is scrumptious: whizbang color thingy from Choose an image you like from the web, copy the address into the "image url" box then go down and click "random from image" and you will get a color palette. When you get one you like, tag it with any combination of words or phrases. You can see my palettes by entering "taz" into the "Tags:" box and clicking "go".

You can add tags to other people's palettes, as well, and also tag the colors themselves. Greatest little color toy I've seen in ages; go have fun (and if you make some palettes, why not add a comment here to tell us what tags to looks for!)

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Okay, I know it's hopelessly, ridiculously, irredeemably silly, but I can't stop playing with the fat dollmaker. Why do I want to dress her in the most sluttish costumes? Why?

(via kitschkitten's bookmarks, where you can also find the  Housewives Tarot)

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"687 active fonts on this system"

Aha! Gotcha!!!

I'm always getting hopelessly lost when trying to find my way back to fontBROWSER, one of the most useful pages on the internet for FontHogs. This time I've posted it here, I've posted it at the LinkBlog, I've posted it at, and I've bookmarked it on my linkbar. Do I like this app. or what? *kissy-kissy-smooch-smooch*

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I just have to point out what a lovely, simple, black and white blog template this is (not to mention, sex-ay, teh hot!). Made by Blogger Templates, where you can also pick up a nifty trick for getting rid of the top navigation bar on your Blogger blog (I hate that thing).

Makes me really want to start playing with some of the fantastic B&W photos at places like stock.xchng and morguefile (more here) to work up some blog designs.

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