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Something brilliant, found at DaFONT: interconnecting "line dings" by Aenigma Fonts (Brian Kent). Each character will connect to any other to create decorative flourishes, and specific characters together will create symmetrical designs; you can see a couple of chains exampled at Brian's site, here, and I played around with a design for an imaginary book binding here. I completely adore this.

Lots more fun stuff to check out at Aenigma, too. And back at DaFONT, I'm also loving their big collection of retro fonts — especially, so far, Chocolate Box and Isadora. Note that DaFont allows you allows you to type in your own example text, by the way, so you can view font samples displaying the (short) text of your choice — very helpful when searching for just the right face for a specific logo or header (and lots of fun when playing with the line dings mentioned above). Also handy: if you see a font you like, you can click on the little plus sign next to the author's name see more offerings by that designer. Nice touches.

*by the way, you can pick up the tile I used on the book here.

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Oh man, thanks for the dafont.com link! I've just downloaded about a million fonts and it's only 9:30.

(I found your page while looking for tiles for my desktop, have stayed to read your blog. Thanks.)

Posted by: Lizzie | May 3, 2005 9:38:10 AM