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AKVIS Software has some interesting products, and I am passionately coveting Chameleon for collage, a plug-in that blends cut-and-paste objects with their new backgrounds. It's really much too much for me to spend on something that I mostly only do as a hobby, but I'm going to download the free trial when I have a couple of not-so-busy days, and see how good they are at convincing me to unclench the money fist. Prognosis: not likely. Money fist is mighty, and $70 for a plug-in? Ouch. But, we'll see. I'm nothing if not capricious.

Posted by taz on April 25, 2005 at 12:16 AM in Photoshop | Permalink


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Hi Taz, just the other day I posted some example work I did using Chameleon at http://www.plugsnpixels.com/ (look under AKVIS link).

I just discovered your site and am enjoying it!

How's life in Greece?

Posted by: Mike Bedford | May 2, 2005 5:41:46 PM