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Linky, linky, linky!

So sorry I've been missing, but I'm pretty busy these days. I did decide to take the opportunity of today's Blogliner, though, to link you up a bit. The challenge is to link to 10 sites, with the last letter in the title of the first site appearing as the first letter of the title in the next site (and so on). Here's my daisy chain:

  • Storyopolis - I think I've linked it before, but it's worth a second mention. A huge gallery of works by children's book illustrators, and what's not to love about that?
  • Surrogate - gorgeous, poignant photographs of everyday objects by Amy Kubes. Each one is like a small poem. (or, sometimes a limerick...)
  • Explore Art - from the Getty Institute. Just a nice little interface for browsing art by subject, type or artist; I like it because it's pretty tightly focused, so you don't get lost in the maze.
  • Thank You For the Smell of My Morning Coffee - a fantastic collection of iconic links from the ever-wonderful Cynthia. I love her.
  • Elegant Iron Doors - I'm including this because I love wrought iron, I love art doors, and I especially love this wrought iron art door with the fabulous trompe l’oeil on the entryway.
  • S.K. Josefberg Studio - this is just a great, great photo gallery. Sadly, it's now closed, but view the nice "Decade" collection linked to on the opening page, then go to "Exhibitions" to see works in the exhibition history. A wonderful collection.
  • Ozbird - one of my favorite things: original art tessellations. Can't get enough of that funky stuff.
  • Darryl Baird - I just can't remember if I've linked this artist before... Collage art; you know - that stuff I'm a great big sucker for? Love the "Aqueous Humor Series".
  • Digitile Digital Ceramic Tiles - I link this because I'm jealous! I want to do this. What can I say? Digital designs on ceramic tiles, wallpaper and flooring? Of course I think this is groovy!
  • Stop Motion Studies - I saved a really nice one for last: a series of 20 photo animations depicting real people in motion. Very, very cool.

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