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Here's a pretty little Sunday package for you: a new background group I've called Saving Grace. You may be able to tell that I like this set by the fact that it appears I've made way too many of them. Yes, it's true. What I love about these patterns is that they have a very comforting "English countryside subdued-chintz wallpaper-and-upholstery" sort of feeling, but when you begin combining them, they can become wonderfully "kimono-combo". Here's an example square that sort of shows this idea, I think.

I'm so far behind on posting any of my bookmarks, but let me just grab a couple that I've visited recently: The Medieval Bestiary and a timeline of Flemish manuscript painting, then, exiting our time machine for a bit, the wonderful Picture Mechanics, a site featuring some of the best known contemporary illustrators. What's great here is that you get links to everybody's personal sites, so if you find someone you are crazy about, you can go see more. Calef Brown is one of my favorites, and so is Cathie Bleck.

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