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Here's an update on some more cool example pages using our tiles from headsfromspace: This page shows an example of a vertical text script, viewable in IE, and I love these new I-frame mimic pages using Chinaberry and Chrysanthemum Storm, plus there's this nice "sidewinder" gallery layout, which is neat way to handily fit a series of images onto a single page, and our heads was kind enough to go ahead and do the CSS on that "over the orient" layout .gif I showed you the other day: go take a look.

Posted by taz on August 1, 2004 at 05:57 AM in CSS, Site design | Permalink


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Heads is mighty! I didn't know the vertical text thing only worked in IE; too bad. It really is a nice trick and doesn't seem to slow the page at all...

Thanks for the link-up, T :)

Posted by: headsfromspace | Aug 1, 2004 11:23:51 AM

Yes, it's a shame; I also like the IE option to assign colors to scrollbars, but at least neither of these tricks do anything funky in other browsers, so you can always play with them for IE-users.

Posted by: taz | Aug 1, 2004 2:52:18 PM

Hi All ::

A lot of the "headsfromspace" links on this page are are dead; but I've redone some of the design pages mentioned here and you can find them over here:


Posted by: headsfromspace | Aug 29, 2005 12:01:42 PM