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Go have a look at the fabulous block print illustrations of Walter Anderson (1903 - 1965), an artist who was born in New Orleans and lived in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. When I lived in New Orleans I travelled to Ocean Springs to visit the Walter Anderson Museum and Shearwater Pottery, the outlet for the work of the three Anderson brothers, where I bought several wondrous items - only two of which have survived the years and helterskelter moves that have passed since then. The whole Walter Anderson site (with even more artwork) starts here.

And on our menu today, the blue plate special is Cloudsign, a group of three nice patterns that actually share exactly the same design, but with different, interesting shading variations. I think these are fun to stack together, and I've made an example square that doesn't do anything but show how the tiles sort of "nest" together. And guess what - instead of just making a big ole .gif to show the example, I finally took the two minutes to set it up in CSS. From now on, I'm going to try to present most of the example squares this way. So, if you count this, in addition to the fact that all my dishes are washed and all my clothes laundered at the moment, it proves I'm not a total slug, right? ...Right?

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