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Sorry I was gone so long, but, look! I've brought you back something smashing: all-CSS tabbed page layouts with background patterns on the tabs, one and two! I began with Kalsey Consulting's CSS Tabs with Submenus when putting these together, but I removed the submenus and added a footer. My goal was to make a version with the tabs taking up the entire top of the box, and this is where I ran into trouble - it took me a whole day to overcome the problem with the difference between how IE and Mozilla interpret the box size. Here's the solution I finally used. I think this makes a really pretty, (deceptively) simple, tidy page design. I know I can never really read the instructions to get my information on CSS and HTML, I just have to view the source and parse out what is doing what to what on the page, but I've included some information here for those things that might be a little bit tricky to understand. Continue on, intrepid explorer, to discover more.

So, this is what you need to know about these layouts: