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Okay! I finally had the chance to get around to playing with Beforethedog's CSS I-frame Mimic technique. It looks and acts like an I-frame (which, as we know, is just fun, fun, fun), but all your content is right there on your page. I wanted to experiment with BTD's background idea, which I did here and, with a touch more color, here. If you want to fiddle around with this layout, you'll just need to experiment with the parameters a bit to see how it works, but be sure to view your pages in as many browsers as possible, because IE and Mozilla, for example, handle things just a bit differently, and I needed to adjust here and there to make it look good in both. Unfortunately, I don't have a mac, so I haven't been able to see it in Safari, and the iCapture screenshot service is disabled at the moment, but I will check back there later. Also, I really need to download Opera... Ah, well.

I designed the tiles specifically for this layout (though just about any background, if it is small enough, will work); you can get them here.

Update: It turns out you can learn a lot from a head from space. This one let me know about an alternative Safari screenshot service, and this faux i-frame layout looks fine, it appears. Thank the Head.

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A new screen shot service HERE:


via inflight magazine...the other service should be back online soon...

Posted by: headsfromspace | Jul 23, 2004 9:12:56 AM

Hey, thanks, head! (And my, what beautiful sites you have.)

Posted by: taz | Jul 23, 2004 10:07:51 AM