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Ask, and it shall be blogged...

Just a couple of days ago I was trying to add some sort of scratchy, aged effects to an image, and yesterday Anne pointed out Designdojo on the Blogliners "Blog of the Day" section. I found lots of good things at Designdojo, including a great to link to Cameron Moll's tutorial "That Wicked Worn Look". So truly let it be said, "Ask, and it shall be blogged". Amen.

And yes, I played around with making some "itchy and scratchy" patterns... You can see them here. These are really, really big, which is exactly what I wanted for this. Big old monster patterns can work really, really well with some layouts, but unfortunately I didn't have enough time to make an example page today, maybe later. Anyway, speaking of Anne, I found this wonderfully funny link at her joint (Flash/sound alert!). Be sure to click on "music" and follow the bouncing bugs to get the full effect!.

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Hot Nuts! (Only kidding. Just more patterns.)

A passle of patterns today - nay, a plethora! (Imagine that in a Bug Bunny voice please, because that's how I'm saying it. >:-3= How's this for a bunny emoticon? Pretty terrible, huh?) First, we have the "Woodfern" set, which I think is wonderful (Elmer Fudd voice here). So wonderful, in fact, that I grabbed a couple more tiles that I hadn't posted yet that go great with these - "georibbon" and "elise". And are you asking me (in some appropriate cartoon voice, of course, you wascally weader) if we have example boxes? Well, does a bear shit in Jellystone National Park? Of course we have example boxes - here, and here!

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Anatomically Correct

Isn't this fun? I found Janet Bloch's work via the TranzArt exhibit at Anatomically Correct. (Ms. Bloch's piece here.) If you go to the site's exhibition history page, you can become lost for hours in the links to past events, and then if you spin out the web a little more, you may never find your way back. This exhibit of "Oh, You Beautiful Doll" teased me forward to find more images from Kristine Brailey, and Mind over Matter led me off to John Kurtz's studio... and so on...

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Julie Maren's Botanica

I love Julie Maren's Artwork, especially the "Botanica" section. And I found this how? Via the extra fun and groovy Favorites page of Crunchygods. Like Anne's Linksquare project, it feels like unwrapping a whole pile of yummy gifts.

(And here's your little bit of Monday something from me... "Beryl"!)

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dear daisy....

I've been playing with some large daisy border tiles that I think are pretty nice (Hi, Daisy! Hi Daisy!). Here's the vertical, and here's the horizontal; and here is one example, and here is another. (I actually made these a little too deep to fit well on the screen - you might want to view these in full screen mode....)

A couple of things picked up from MetaFilter: this page can tell you whether a site is good or evil ( is 1% evil, and 99% good - but then, so is, so take that as you may...), and iconomy's post on found alphabets. Also from ico, computer mascots! And now I'd like to invite everybody to go steal Shane's wonderful snail mail mailing label.

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Late to the Party

I have a couple of links today that I suppose everyone in the world has seen except for me: The terribly, terribly wonderful Fly Guy (from the same lovely genius who gave us Tile Machine), and the wonderfully, wonderfully terrible My Cat Hates You. If you've seen these (and you probably have) - sorry! (but isn't this a nice chance to visit again?). If you haven't, you can send your thanks directly to me in the form of frankincense and myrrh, because I've just about run out. Especially the myrrh; running really low.

And the new kids on the block today are a set of fun little flippy patterns called 52 Pickup.

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In a bit of a time squeeze here, but I just wanted to mention that I've added quite a few new entries to the LinkBlog lately, especially in the fonts and vintage categories, and there's some pretty nice stuff in there... like Thomas Edison's Complete U.S. Patent Collection, for example. So go have a look. Also, because I wanted to use it as a background for something else, I turned that strange little botanical/pattern thing I was playing with into a repeating tile. But it's large (in pixels, the download size is okay), and I don't feel like putting in the regular pattern gallery, so I'll just offer it here. And guess what! I also have a page layout example. Surprise!

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Odds and ends. More odd, really.

I'm not doing much here today - just dropped in to tie up a one or two loose threads. First, a couple of the stray singleton tiles that I haven't gotten around to posting, Ellimen and Spinning. Then, also, I have this biggish example box showing the Chrysanthemum Storm patterns from yesterday, plus this sort of strange thing (also biggish) I was playing around with last night, using yesterday's Mandarin pattern plus another tile, and an image I borrowed from one of yesterday's vintage botanical sites. Just fiddling. Mindlessly.

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I'm falling behind with my patterns - not the making of, but the posting of. Ah, well. Here are a couple I adore: Chrysanthemum Storm and Mandarin.; the beginning point for one was a bit of fabric with a chrysanthemum design from a kimono, and the other started with a photo of an actual chrysanthemum. Are you getting the smallest clue that I've been googling for chrysanthemums lately? If so, you would be right, and just look what I found - an adorable little Chrysanthemum leucanthemum just crying out to decorate somebody's web page... I could so design a blog around this image... Also see the great Mum stencil at Stencils with Style, and this great Hockney-esque "chrysanthemum packet" (by the same person who made these very cool handmade postcards).

There's also a fun vintage sheet music cover for Scott Joplin's "The Chrysanthemum - an Afro-Intermezzo" at the very nice covers page of the Repertoireliste Ragtime Society (fifth image on the first row). Plus, a lovely, dreamy mum image among the gorgeous flowers of Rob Allen, and chrysanthemums as seen by Chagall, Mondrian and Degas (mid-page) at the very wonderful "when Art imitates Life" site by the Meadowlark Botanical Garden. Also, some graceful mums among these Chinese ink drawings of the "four gracious plants" by Han Myoung-Hee, a variety of chrysanthemums scattered among the delicious botanical art of Cheyne Walk Limited and big beautiful images from the Missouri Botanical Garden Library’s rare book collection, an amazing fold-out origami chrysanthemum on this page about Origamic Architecture (bottom of page), a chrysanthemum mandala among this collection of "Earth Mandalas". And then there's William Morris's chrysanthemum patterns, of course. And don't even get me started on chrysanthemum fireworks. No. just don't. And so... To conclude this rather obsessive post, let me just leave you with one last poignantly eloquent image. The end.

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A Little Sunday BrainCandy

For some reason, I found myself making a whole pile of embarrassingly pink patterns the other day, and since today feels pretty pink to me, I thought I would just trot them out to celebrate. In fact, I made so many that I couldn't even fit them all on the page in a reasonable manner, so here's the outlier: a secret, hidden pink pattern, just in case Eight Is really not Enough, after all.

And since it is Sunday, I assume you have lots of projects and work to catch up with around the house: To avoid all that, go read my MetaFilter post on Scott Kim's fun BrainCandy games (and delicious Inversions) instead.

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