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Just a couple of days ago I was trying to add some sort of scratchy, aged effects to an image, and yesterday Anne pointed out Designdojo on the Blogliners "Blog of the Day" section. I found lots of good things at Designdojo, including a great to link to Cameron Moll's tutorial "That Wicked Worn Look". So truly let it be said, "Ask, and it shall be blogged". Amen.

And yes, I played around with making some "itchy and scratchy" patterns... You can see them here. These are really, really big, which is exactly what I wanted for this. Big old monster patterns can work really, really well with some layouts, but unfortunately I didn't have enough time to make an example page today, maybe later. Anyway, speaking of Anne, I found this wonderfully funny link at her joint (Flash/sound alert!). Be sure to click on "music" and follow the bouncing bugs to get the full effect!.

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