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You know what? I really liked my old link color, it was a great sort of slightly smoky rose color that I love (it's now the hover color). You know what else? It was just about perfectly indistinguishable from the surrounding text to someone with color blindness, and that's estimated to be at least one in 20, or as high as one in 12. If you want to check out your pages to see if they are useable to someone with a color deficiency, or if you want to plan a new site with this consideration in mind, there are some really good tools and tips on the web.

This color vision page will show you how color charts look to people with different types of color blindness, and so does this special colorlab palette. And there's a great 216 color web palette showing an approximation of the hues seen by colour deficient dichromats at Exact Technologies, along with a PDF guide to designing for color-blind users. Really, really helpful is this Vischeck site that allows you to run simulation color checks on web pages or files on your own drive. It also offers downloadable Vischeck plugins. Finally, here's another great page that lets you check pages on the web, with a sticky menu that allows you to toggle between the various types of color problems; here's an applet that lets you enter hex colors for text and background and see how they would be perceived by people in three different groups of color deficiency; and here's a good page about designing with the color blind in mind.

and PS: new tiles! Slightly deco, I think, and kind of yummy... (plus - oh, yes - a box).

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