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Interesting: the new Ujiko search engine with filters, including the ability to create self-defined filters and modify existing ones (found via Andrew Cooke's "Compute" mailing list / John Battelle's Searchblog ). I've spent about 20 minutes with this, so here are some quick and shallow observations: Good: you are probably going to find some different results from this than the you will with the usual suspects; filtering is fun!; a contextual list of related terms on the right allows you to focus your search. Exceedingly strange: Flash interface? Huh? If you forget and hit the "back" button, you are returned to the opening page and have to start all over again, and you can't see the web address of a selection in the status bar of your browser when you mouseover a link, which can lead to clicking on undesirable file types. This is bad. Flash is just about the worst navigation I can imagine for a search engine. Also, no image search that I could find, and I'm not sure how, say, 5,000 results, are winnowed down to 20 selections. Still, as I said - interesting, though it won't be storming the Google castle walls in its current battle configuration. The "about" page is here.

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