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I always have the semi-serious feeling that there are ghosts and angels in my computer, because no matter what strange whimsy may overtake me, without looking for it I will come across a related something-something within a matter of hours, and if I've just acquired a brand new piece of information that has managed to evade me for four decades, I'll suddenly see five more references to that same formerly elusive bit of something within the next day. Well, today I had a somewhat similar experience: First I discovered Chank's free font archive, where I downloaded all the "twiggy" fonts, and then spent quite a few minutes contemplating the rather amazing Cowboy Rhumbahut. Then, several hours later (via quite a long and meandering path) I found myself at the home of an interesting experiment called Synesthetic Bubble Gum Cards (which I love, though I don't quite have it figured out yet), where something kept nagging me about the front page, until I realized... Yup. Cowboy Rhumbahut. Now just what are the chances of running into a Cowboy Rhumbahut twice in the same day?

PS: I've posted a new set of pretty sweet little patterns I'm calling "Lullaby".

Posted by taz on May 3, 2004 at 04:42 AM in Fonts, Optical Art | Permalink


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I like the Lullaby ones, very pretty!! :)

Posted by: kristine | May 4, 2004 6:13:29 PM