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Okay. Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! But here's my excuse: Blogliners, a new project I've been putting together along with Anne and Daisy. Blogliners is meant to provide a possible kickstart of inspiration for bloggers who are feeling a bit blank and casting about for a post topic. We'll be updating it every day, and though (of course) there's only the one entry so far, we have some fun things planned, so after a while, Blogliners should constitute a pretty nice archive of (hopefully) zingy posting ideas.

As for today's bit of inspiration, well, I'll just say that I'm "bonny, blithe, good and gay." Bonny? Okay, sure. Not as bonny as I was 15 pounds and 15 years ago, but, as old ladies go, I'm pretty darn bonny. Blithe? Look: in the dictionary? Under "blithe"? It says "taz". Good? Gee. How to answer this? I'm pretty good, I guess, for a spoiled, self-indulgent, willful type. (Could that possibly translate to "not good"? Nah.) Which leaves us with "gay". Let's just say I'm a very happy sort, and I've spent a whole lot of time, in the past, in a whole lot of gay and gayish bars (*waves* "Hello, Big Easy; where y'at?!"), but nevertheless, I'm pretty straight. So really, I'm just sorta bonnyish, goodish, and gayish, but - hey - I'm, like, super-super-blithe. Does that work for you?

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Gosh darn.... what a kool place YOU have here. Should have known Auntie Anne was a bud. I'll be lookin' over your shoulder{s} from time to time. ...gotta scoot/til later soon :-)

Posted by: Sallie | May 24, 2004 12:01:44 PM

What a cool new idea, taz! (And Anne and Daisy!)

Posted by: shane | May 24, 2004 7:42:53 PM

Oh yes, that works for me.
*wipes sweat off palms, gets drink of water*

Posted by: dg | May 26, 2004 6:16:14 PM