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I need to do a little catching up on posting some patterns, so let me dig into the pile a bit with Fisherking (I really love the small one. Very.), and a nice, big, sloppy Retrostrawberry. I could tell you some stories about these, if only I could remember back to the ancient mists of about two weeks ago when I made them. But since I can't, let me just assure you that they have absolutely fascinating histories and come from the very best families.

I haven't been swimming in the big digiweb sea at all lately, so I don't have much to share, except to say that I really, really love this great .gif animation (found at millan.net, a link I'm sure I must have picked up from Anne) and that if you are the sort of shallow person who finds silly "what X are you" quizzes somehow irresistable, you should check out Tam's nicely filtered meme blog. I'm not saying I'm that kind of person or anything, but this hat did sort me into Ravenclaw, and I always knew that Ravenclaw was where I would end up. Er, if, that is, I were the sort of person to ever read a Harry Potter novel and, you know, imagine myself at Hogwarts. Which I'm not. And don't.

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Oooooo... I picked up all the nifty tiles, but i really, really love the small fisherking.

Posted by: Anne | May 25, 2004 8:52:48 AM

me too. i think i'll just have to stay up tonight and find a use for it!


Posted by: anan | May 25, 2004 9:22:22 PM