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Hey, look at this great-looking blog that is using one of my favorite background tiles! Very nice - bravo, Blue Pencil!

Today I have something just a little bit different for you that started with this very interesting site about iconography that I'm having a good time exploring. Most of the images here are from illuminated manuscripts, which I love, and so I decided to borrow a portion of an illustrated border I found here to create a repeating design. Although they will tiles both horizontally and vertically, these patterns are really meant to be used as border tiles. I've made these 120 pixels wide, but they will look great in any border space from 85 to 180 pixels wide (you can go narrower or wider - I just don't like how they look as much). Now, let me explain the tiles that you see on the download page: the first one basically keeps the the original colors of the original manuscript, including background color, the second is an intensity-inverted version, and I gave the third one a typical web-page-white background.

The next two, however, are horses of a different color, which is to say that they these are examples showing how you can key one of the basic tiles to fit in with whatever color you are using on your site. For example, for these last two tiles I imagined that I had a site that was using #336699 as a main color, so, in PhotoShop, I began with the black-background tile, and with my first color on the toolbar set at #336699, I used Image: Adjust: Hue/Saturation, and clicked on the "Colorize" box, then I went to Edit: Fade Colorize, and faded the effect to 54%. Then I did exactly the same thing with the white-background tile. Of course you will need to change the mode of the .gif image first (under "Image") to RGB.

By the way, you may have trouble opening images in the site I linked to using Mozilla - I had to switch to IE to get the nice little drop-down image box (which you can enlarge).

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Thanks! And yikes, because I don't think the content of my site is of interest to many. But I just discovered your pages a couple weeks ago, and I love your work. I've saved many tiles and plan to rotate through them. As I have no graphic skills at all, I truly appreciate what you're offering. And I've enjoyed many of the links you offer, too, especially Languagehat, which plays off my interest in Russian, and words, and poetry.

So thank you!

-Sue (Blue Pencil)

Posted by: Sue | May 31, 2004 9:19:54 AM

Thanks, Sue. I love the shades-of-grey boxes and the cream background for the text used with that background - it's a really polished look, yet still warm. I'm glad you like the tiles, and I'm very glad you found Languagehat!

Posted by: taz | May 31, 2004 1:25:08 PM

Thank you for the Mnemosyne site as well as the tiles, Taz. So much to feast upon.

Posted by: Anne | Jun 1, 2004 1:03:46 AM