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Whew! Well, here's what I've been working on today: a very simple, straightforward link blog so I can keep track of all those tasty sites that I keep losing and coming across again. I know I'm going a little whackadoody here and I'll probably end up with 25 blogs on this site before I'm finished, but this is another one of those things that has been on my wish plate for a long time, and today, just because I had an idea about how to use the patterns, I decided to do it.

This is how it went: I had the idea of putting different patterns into side-by-side strips to create a side border background, meant to be tiled only vertically (or, likewise, with horizontal strips, and tiling only horizontally, as a header or footer). Once I came up with one I liked, of course I wanted to try it out on a page design, so I just started farting around in Photoshop with a page idea for a linkblog... and liked it so much I had to go ahead and try setting it up immediately. If you want to try your hand at putting together a sideborder background, just remember to use tiles that are the same height (or else resize the ones that aren't the proper height, if possible) so that after you get all your strips in place, you can crop it to that height, and each of the patterns will repeat properly. (Of course you can use a tile that is 50 pixels high with tiles that are 100 pixels high, but if you use one that is 75 with one that is 100, the pattern is not going to repeat correctly unless you crop the whole thing to 300 pixels high.) The one I used on the link blog, for example, is 100 pixels high, and less than 4Kb; I used four different patterns that were all 100 picas x 100 picas to piece it together.

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Very nice! CitrusMoon like having my own little personal inspiration fairy. Have a great day Taz!

Posted by: Anne | Apr 28, 2004 5:01:09 AM

That sounds good, Anne - can I have "Inspiration Fairy" printed on my business card? (Of course, that would mean throwing out the current batch that say "for a good time call taz". Quel dilemme !)

Posted by: taz | Apr 28, 2004 10:22:46 AM

Sounds like a good use for a rubber stamp.

Posted by: Mike | Apr 29, 2004 6:37:28 AM

*spit* - that's exactly what I've been working on this week too. Dammit, dammit, dammit. I think I'll delete it all and put a link to yours. Wonderful site, thanks Taz.

Posted by: Daisy | Apr 30, 2004 8:07:01 AM

oh, Daisy! I hope you don't delete yours! I am finding out that making one of these is really a kind of "brain atlas", and it's always interesting to see what comes up on the map; each person's is different and illuminating (plus I know yours will be more fun than mine!).

Posted by: taz | May 3, 2004 6:45:48 AM