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Via Grow A Brain, 26 pages of vintage postcards of "Japanese ladies and geishas" from Japanese Girl. I adore vintage portraiture.

Yesterday's moiré post inspired me to make another moiré-inspired tile, and the Japanese Girl site inspired me to experiment with using it to apply an effect to a portrait. You can see the results on this page. In case you are interested, here's exactly how I did it: First of all, I used the first, purplish tile - not the green tile (this will become clear later). In Photoshop, I saved the tile as a pattern (Edit: Define pattern - you'll need to change the mode of the .gif image to RGB first, under Image: Mode), then I created a new layer over the the photo and, using the paint bucket set to "pattern" I filled in the new layer with the repeating tile. Then I went to Layer: Layer style: Blending options, and selected "multiply". Then I used the eraser, in a large size and set to about 50% opacity, on the top layer to clear some of the pattern from the girl's face. Finally, I flattened the image (Layer: Flatten image) and flipped the color (Image: Adjustments: Hue/Saturation, + or - 180).

Flipping the color has nothing to do with the technique - I just wanted the lady's face more bluish and the pattern greenish.

Updated to say I went back to the pre-color-flip version and fiddled some more, this time using a lighting effect (spotlight) on it, and I think I like this moodier, less-formal one better...

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