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Blogging from Olympus: write a blog entry in the character of one of the ancient Greek or Roman gods or goddesses.

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Thank you so much for the effort to inspire all of us uninspired bloggers daily! :-D I found your idea through Daisy, and have been using your idea the last 2 days. They do require brain effort! :-D

Posted by: Connie | | May 26, 2004 2:29:00 AM

This one's especially difficult, I think I'll have to do some research first!

Posted by: Daisy | | May 26, 2004 5:16:12 AM

Okay! I've done one. I did check out a couple quizzes first (one from Quizilla and one from Paleothea), plus a little reading up. But I'm a big mythology fan, anyway, so that was fun. I still want to do yesterday's, though (ran out of time), 'cause I love the haiku, I do.

Posted by: taz | | May 26, 2004 5:53:12 AM

Thank you, Connie, for the feedback. It's most appreciated!

Posted by: Anne | | May 26, 2004 1:45:46 PM