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Just a quick note to say that I uploaded a new set of tiles yesterday - a nice group with a sort of low-key Op Art pattern (well, low-key for Op, anyway!). These are designed especially for you to colorize (though I actually like them a lot in their neutral state), and I've also created a set of OverAlls out of the larger tiles for those of you who like to skin your sites, or if you just want to change background colors without changing patterns.

And while we're on the subject of Op, as in "Optical", let me recommend (for the more daring among you) Akiyoshi Kitaoka's tricky wallpaper, because you have to love desktop designs that come with the warning, "might make you feel sick". See a whole lot more eye-defying feats on the rest of his illusion pages. By the way, I love his idea of "Illusion therapy" - I just might have to steal that, and do some "tile therapy". I mean, check out his "Muscarinergic therapy" (third from bottom), and my third tile on this page. Now doesn't that activate your depressed mind?

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